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Uniquely different. 
In a way that matters.

We are supply chain practitioners with years of experience in designing, implementing and running the SAP solutions we build for our customers.

Our experience in SAP transformation and systems implementations is founded on decades of designing and running the supply chains of our customers.

Uniquely different. 
In a way that matters.

We help you get to S/4HANA safely.

Technical migration or full business transformation, an S/4HANA implementation comes with two major risks. Business continuity through the change and realisation of transformation benefits.

Our methodology, U-Activate, brings SAP Activate and operational excellence together to ensure a safe implementation with predictable, data-driven value.

We have combined SAP’s best practice with the Unipart Way. The Unipart Way is our framework across people, tools and method, the distillation of decades of working with and learning from some of the best in the industry.

We help you get to S/4HANA safely.

We don’t just implement SAP EWM. We run the warehouse.

We have been implementing warehouse management solutions for decades for some of the biggest organisations, across multiple industries. Our team have come from years in Logistics operations. We don’t just advise from the outside, we bring decades of hands-on experience and learning to your business. In many cases, we also run the warehouse for many years after implementation. That gives us a truly unique knowledge & experience in designing, implementing and running a SAP EWM solution.

We don’t just implement SAP EWM. We run the warehouse.

Simplify. Standardise. Automate.

Exposing the layers of process complexity allows the simplification of your operation to standardise working practices and maximise the value of your SAP investment with intelligent automation.

We combine the Unipart Way, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Signavio to provide end-to-end visibility of your Supply Chain processes and a deep understanding of your largest constraints, operational waste and areas of revenue leakage.

Driving true operational excellence can be challenging but our methodology provides everything you need to succeed, even in the most demanding circumstances.

Simplify. Standardise. Automate.

Webinar: Unlock the potential of your warehouse with SAP EWM | Wednesday, February 28th @ 12pm (GMT) | Register now

For over 20 years, we have been serving some of the largest organisations across multiple industries in running their supply chains, as well as designing, implementing and running their SAP solutions.

Our experience and track record are not limited to outside-in SAP consultancy. We have been running large parts of our customers’ operations and, combined with the Unipart Way, we bring unparalleled experience, methodology and learnings.


Expert, data-driven process optimisation

Supply Chain operations are complex, contain many points of integration and involve labour intensive activities. All this creates invisible points of failure and variation, which generates waste and increases cost. This is accentuated when there are higher volumes and high velocity of goods.

Powered by SAP Signavio and SAP Analytics Cloud, we gather “in-process data” from your transactional systems to support our observations and analysis. This drives process synthesis and simulation of alternative scenarios to create optimal outcomes without the need for expensive and higher risk, time consuming physical trials.

Our senior supply chain experts work alongside your teams to provide a detailed view of what is happening inside your organisation and to enable the necessary targeted insights for transforming your supply chain operations.

As part of ongoing improvement and support, we leave you with the tools to monitor your processes and drive continuous improvement.

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The safe path to S/4HANA

We have combined SAP’s best practice with the Unipart Way. The Unipart Way is our framework across people, tools and method, the distillation of decades of working with and learning from some of the best in the industry.

U-Activate, our methodology that brings together SAP Activate, operational excellence and the Unipart Way ensures a safe implementation focused on business continuity with predictable, data-driven value realisation.

We design, implement and support our clients’ SAP solutions, across the globe with over 130 Supply Chain and SAP experts and more than 20 years’ experience in building and running SAP solutions.


True Warehouse Management expertise

We have been running the warehouse operations of some of the largest organisations across multiple industries.

A large part of our SAP team comes from an operational background and have years of hands-on experience with Supply Chain and Logistics operations.

Combined with over 20 years of designing, implementing and running SAP Warehouse Management solutions for our customers, we bring to you a combination of operational and technology expertise very few can match.

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Analyse. Plan. Validate.

SAP Analytics Cloud is a next generation analytics and planning platform. 

The advantage of a single platform is the unification of traditionally separate tools. This creates a seamless experience to analyse, model, collaborate and make well-informed decisions with confidence.

The ability to compose custom analytics applications to address specific business requirements provides a highly flexible federated approach to data consumption.

At Unipart Signite we have leveraged the ability to analyse, plan and validate within a single application. We call this ‘Closed-Loop’. 

Closed-Loop enables business users to quickly gain a rich understanding through automated insights, adjust plans and experiment with highly flexible what-if analysis tools.   


Bringing clarity on the way forward.

We help you make sense of the complex journey to S/4HANA by removing the confusing jargon and sharing our long, practical experience, good and bad with the single aim of helping you make clearly understood, conscious and no-regret decisions.

We help you:

  • Demystify the complexity and jargon
  • Plan a well-balanced way forward
  • Build a real, data-driven business case

Maximise the value of your transformation. Safely & predictably.

We have combined the SAP Activate methodology with the Unipart Way, bringing to you decades of our experience in operational excellence. We call our methodology U-Activate. We help you design for the future rather than repeating the past.

Our focus is on maximising the value of your business transformation without ever risking business continuity.

We help you through:

  • Operational impact assessments throughout the lifecycle of the transformation
  • Data-driven value realisation through process simulation
  • Disciplined, full lifecycle approach to ensure a successful implementation that realises planned benefits
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Running reliably some of the largest supply chains. For decades.

We have been reliably running large parts of the supply chains for some of the largest organisations for decades. These are time-critical operations, with little margin for error.

And when things do go wrong, because they will at some point, we manage your operation exactly as we manage our own.

Our sense of urgency and commitment are part of our culture and what we are proud of, not just a contractual commitment.

We help with:

  • Modern, multi-region 1st line helpdesk
  • Experienced, multi-region 2nd line support, to balance costs and cover time zones
  • Years of experience running critical, time-sensitive supply chain operations

Creating a platform for an agile and resilient business with SAP