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Operational Process Efficiency

Breakfast Briefing: See an operations team making a difference with cutting-edge tools | 20th Feb – Register now

Modern process mapping and simulation tools have the potential to be a game-changer when it comes to operational efficiency. As you will see in the video below, even seemingly efficient operations or work areas benefit from the careful application of tools such as SAP Signavio:

  • Reduce costs.
  • Improve quality, efficiency and utilisation.
  • Avoid change management failure.
  • Remove gaps in governance.

A lesson from 1 billion orders picked, packed and delivered.

Companies deploying technology to address inefficiency can often be left wanting. A careful, integrated approach is needed that accounts for employees, process and technology.

We have taken our decades of operational expertise, Unipart's broad knowledge of continuous improvement and carefully combined it with cutting-edge process management and analytical tools. 

Improve productivity.
Deliver a sustainable organisation.

Recognition of 'The Green Line' and its impact on the top and bottom line of an organisation's accounts is growing rapidly. Operational Process Efficiency doesn't just completely change the game when it comes to tackling productivity and efficiency. It can also model, simulate and assist the planning of green initiatives – giving you confidence that you will deliver on your commitments:

  • Eliminating non-recyclable consumables
  • Reducing Carbon Dioxide Equivalent and water consumption.
  • Re-using or repurposing waste products.
  • Increasing recycling rates.

What could it do for you?

Watch the introduction to Operational Process Efficiency (OPE) in the video below to find out why OPE is needed in modern organisations, how it works, and the significant results that you could achieve in your organisation.

Watch: delivering the benefits of Operational Process Efficiency

See how powerful new process modelling and simulation tools can help your organisation to  increase productivity, remove risk and reduce costs.

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Operational Process Efficiency webinar

What is covered in this introduction to OPE:

  1. Introduction of the Speakers: Mark Bolton, Mike Butler, and Juan De Waal.
  2. Company Introduction: Unipart Signite, a new organisation within the Unipart group, highlighting expertise in SAP software, supply chain operations and quality management.
  3. Operational Process Efficiency Defined: the optimisation of productivity, focusing on throughput-based processes in various operations, such as warehouses, logistics or finance and back office activities.
  4. Four V's Framework: Volume, Velocity, Vitals, Veracity – a quick and effective way to assess and target areas for improvement in operational processes.
  5. Case Study: a leading media and entertainment company where Signite applied its methodology to identify and improve operational inefficiencies.
  6. Challenges and Validation: This included (in the case study) high resource usage, assumed cycle times, and offline activities. The validation process involved interviews, data analysis, and simulation using Unipart Signite's tools. These were principally SAP Signavio and SAP Analytics Cloud.
  7. Stakeholder Interviews: These revealed three main drivers for improvement: accurate capacity planning, maintaining/improving service levels, and reducing operating costs.
  8. Live Demonstration: Juan De Waal conducted a live demonstration of SAP Signavio, showcasing its ability to map processes, visualize workflows, and conduct rapid simulation for process improvement.
  9. Simulation Results: The simulation results demonstrated the impact of changes in processes, resource allocation, and other factors on costs, cycle times, and resource consumption.

Simplify. Standardise. Automate.